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There is a new thinking in me concerning the events and the end game for Libya. Is this change of heart to be seen as a contradiction or a weakness to standing with my initial argument that Mr. Gaddafi is there to stay? No, it is not.

I have been following the events up and close, and recently, with all the news and issues surrounding the question of whether the Libyan Regime of Gaddaffi is able to continue to sustain itself economically and it’s war economy, so to speak, and all other discussions in the news and other channels of information on the capabilities and weaknesses of the so-called rebels, all these have had no relevance to my new change of position, that, Gaddaffi can be forced to fall, remember, THE CAN, but can never be defeated.

What is my point? Look at Europe. European Union destiny lies in Libya, and if it can be well conducted and utilised, the whole world and global relations will have to take a new different look at the Europeans in the international affairs, a look of respect, fear at times and most imporantly, of new co-equal-leadership with the United States. The end of Gaddaffi lies in Brussels not in Qatar or in the streets of Benghazi, or the sands of Libya, or even Washington, London or Paris. Only a united voice, remember, a United Voice and stand from a united Europe can create the real ground for new Libya, a Libya without Gaddaffi, and this needs to be conducted in a very diplomatic but at the same time, without shying away from the use of the ‘European Force’.

What does the recommendation then seems to look like?

(a) Put a Carrot in the mouth-hole of the aggressive little Frenchies. This actually seems to strengthen the moral legitimacy and stand of the Gaddaffi leadership and regime within the country and the continent, both still very sensitive and paranoid of ‘colonial and imperial’ signs.

(b) Here I even believe, the British and the French, should be completely removed from the dominate presence and association to the Libyan activities and operations, and rather the events and the Libyan Issue, should be mandated to the Lady Ashton and the European Union leadership, as unified voice. (Remember: see above discussions on the war on terror, the mishandling and the personalities association with closeness to the war-concept undermines the war efforts and operations, and outcome.)

(c ) continue to talk, but only behind closed-doors with the ‘rebels’ and treat them with care, real sensitive care, as, my personal view, most of these are not trustworth and contain a higher number of the ‘Islamists’ fighters and western-haters, so to speak, ”they are not the best of the evils!!”.

(d ) It is, this is important, the psychological presentation of unity among the allied that will finally force Mr. Gaddaffi out, with small doses of continuance effect-based strategic bombings, never, ever, arm the rebels; never, ever, arm the rebels! (a new blowback), not even training them to higher sophistication should be allowed or tolerated.


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