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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of any new articles for today and perhaps even the coming few days. I am a little bit more busier than the usual. However, just to keep you in touch with the blog, I will be soon discussing:

* the part II of the ”command of the cities: The Operational Tactics”.
* the part IV of the ‘New Democracy Model” and the ‘new Banking Alternative”
* also, Libya: why the ceasefire was a ”god given opportunity for the rebels to regroup, retrain and rethinking strategic objectives, and openeing new extensive channels of security inter-communications with the allied and so forth”, but as the result of innate, seemingly, lack of any real ‘objective, leadership, resources, morale and spirit’ within these rebels they fondled off the opportunity without real rethinking.
* also will discuss gaddaffi strenghts and weaknesses, and AU support (Simon Tisdall article in the guardian yesterday was excellent on the extensive network of gaddaffi support in africa.

and more fascinating, informative and educating articles to come from local politics to headlines.

thanks again.


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