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There has been a lot of discussions and debates around the so-called global war on terror from all corners of the world and ‘experts’, and the seemingly popular consensus is, the war on terror was the wrong aproach to the new age of new terror. This article is far from this popular stand, and rather argue, the war on terror (for all my dislike of Neo-conism),was perhaps the most important and absolute brilliant show of western/US leadership on global security and order: i.e. the war on terror was right, morally, strategically and for the future prospects of the world order and security.

Why am I writing this, and not covering the issues I had initially promised to discuss? Well, I had been, throughout the day sitting and listening to the ”Terrorism Industry”, the academics (experts), the suppliers (private security and other tech firms), the government bodies (defence depts of course and intelligence etc), anyway, they were all sing and selling same product: TERRORISM IS REAL, IS HERE, AND TO STAY, AND NEEDS MORE INVESTMENT TO COUNTER IT (reminded me of the self-procliamed experts of terrorism, whom in one of their books wrote a whole chapter titled ”Terrorism: An Enduring Threat” (Enduring Threat, i.e. here to stay, like a therapist telling his client you will never get better and you will have to attend my £60 plus per sessions throughout your lifetime,hahah: and the chapter failed to produce any real tangible contemporary evidence for this ”enduring threatism”, but rather fell back into historical ”proofs” of the ”integral nature of terrorism in societies”, hahah, again).

It was these ”aggressive, little stupid and annoying salespeople”, that finally made me come and write this article refuting their ‘self-serving interests’, veiled as ‘national interests and concerns’. This is for my clients, the presetn and prospective, and general readers of my works, please, please never listen to these foolish, greedy people. (a) the war on terror, was right war, and has proved to be highly effective in destroying the very strategic components of the command and control structures of these global wanna-be jihadists and terrorist groups. Our men and women in unifroms, went in hard and with absolute high levels of professionalism with true patriotism, after the home-attacks, and did very well in disrupting and destroying more than 60 per cent of their core management, the very essence of terrorism groups, the heart of their strategic thinking, funds and organisation (I for one salute them and our leaders, for whatever their personal reasons to wage such a war, it has proved to be very effective and well conducted, and in particular, by the US forces, brilliant show of professionalism.).

However, it is now time to conduct one final assault on the remaining remnants of strategic leadership that survived from the battlefields and scattered throughout the world, and this should be a cordinated action by the intelligences, special forces and police services, public-run and accounted only (so not to over-spend, and billed for waste, as is usual the practises of the private security firms, and also the need to be accountable to our public and institutions; the moral aspect and legitimacy). after this final assault, the ”war” label and character of the activity should be rid off, and now it should be left to preventive (active) by local and international law enforcement actors in containing the remaining powerless criminal,yes, reduced to criminalism, activities.

What is the most worrying thing or ne phenomenon that should worry us all at the present and for myself, personally, as my intelligence intutition seems to inform me is, the local national political violence, seen in Uk, for example through the actions of the ”black uncut”, who have been brushed aside by all parties as just ”nuisances”, no these are not, and we should be more concern and prepare for the coming ”NEW AGE OF POLITICAL VIOLENCE” at local and latter, possibility, of integrating itself into a global entity a la the international violence of the 1970s.

Thank You.


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