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The images that we have been looking at recently of a bored,and at time withdrawn mr.cameron on his way,and at,holiday (unusual for many holidays for PM) tells, as the cliche goes,’picture tells a thousand words’. And then we have Mr. Clegg public photos,as indifferent,emotionless, however, seemingly very ‘don cleggio’.

That, he, Mr. Clegg, examining his previous behaviour and character, reaction and action, in particular, post-unexpected thrashing at the general elections after a period of ‘high’, he is seems to be very vindictive in his personality,he is a dangerous sour loser,who will hit back at what he sees as his, imagined or real, enemies. A true Slavic-blood. He is, however, not fragile individual unlike Mr. Cameron, and can take hits after hits, but as noted, without forgetting where these come from, and at the end of the day, he seems able to divorce himself from the business-side of his personality like an actor playing a fictional character and then taking the veil off while stepping off the stage. These are his strengths and weaknesses as well, wont be going into details on this at the present,as I am away from my comfort of office and using conference-laptop at the present, so pardon any inconsistencies or writing style (thanks).

On the other hand, Mr. Cameron is a very fragile individual, and can be observed from the general election, and the great thing is, those around him seem to be quite aware of his fragile nature and seem to work hard to lessen the burden off him; he is quite an innovative and brilliant man and thinker, leadership (mm??), but he is not a Thatcher or Blair, nor a Brown, actually not really any British Prime Ministerial product, but close to Mr. John Major, he is not tyrannical nor managerial, he is a thinker, and delegator at best. anyway, coming back to his personality,. can be seen at the GE as others shielded him away from the real ‘harming’ situations; one of these, is after the first televised debate, just after this he appeared worn-out,as if been inside a ring with a professional boxer, exhausted and seemed unaware of where he is, or what just happened (a seemingly, as pyschologists, might argue, especially, psychoaanalysts, his defensive mechanism, seems to be this withdrawal). and at the present we see his new defenders, the civil servants, protecting him and sending him on foreign trips and lesser srtessful enviornment with a constant ‘doses of relaxed breaks’.

I can go on and on, but alas, no time at the present, and all I can go to say, and close this article off is, I fear Mr. Cameron, under an extensive and continous period of stressful events and demands will have a breakdown, and for Mr. Clegg, he is just waiting for coup de party,to remove him from power, voluntary (for the good of the party) he will not do so.


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