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The intoxication of the concept and phenomenon that is Multiculturalism today in the world, in particular, the developed world is very interesting. There is claims and counter-claims of the degree to which multicultural has grown into in the western states, however, if one examine critically the figures and facts, away from the preoccupation of sound-bites and media-obsessions with ‘tag-lines policies’, one can observe and reach the conclusion that, multiculturalism is a fad, a ‘smoke-screen’, a (almost) non-existent phenomenon within the greater societies. But why argue so? Where are my facts?

Within 192, or whatever figures and sources one uses, states of the world, only two come close to be a real multicultural nations and societies, and the rest, do not even come close to the concept in philosophical or practical truth; that subjective or objective truths. Only the most youngest of the two societies in the world, can claim such an honour, these are the United States of America, and to lesser but not as a result of the ‘failed experiment of multiculturalism’, but rather as the result of lesser multicultural mosaic of the greater society of Canada, which impends a full recognition and application of the practice. These two states, 400 or so between them in existence, are the only entities that have been able to prescribe, apply and practice multiculturalism , since their social structures and cultures are ”less historical-bound” with traditionalism, single culture nationalism and prejudices, biases and forth. IN UK and EU, in greater, extent, the pre-existing ‘historical frames’ of societies and cultures of anglo-saxonism, or flemish, scandanavian, latin and so forth, are the major outright barriers to the application, successful, of multiculturalism within our societies.

In the US, the WASP society did attempt, and still try to ‘integrate’ the other cultural distinctions and varieties into their own ‘grand narrative’ of sociological, political and economical and cultural command. However, just like their institutions they realise they are bound by the principles of consensus and co-existence, hence, the need to share ‘cultural currency’, thus, leading to an open and embracing society towards multiculturalism. It will never happen in UK, or EU, or any other part of the world, for the present, foreseeable tomorrow, or any time sooner for our next generations; just take a look at France and the Issue of Niqab (what justification is a whole different argument?), but the very easy of thought in attempting to implement such a law is anti-multiculturalism, and many other examples exists, the nepotism of European/British ‘central-careers’ (politics, journalism, finance & banking, management, civil services, armed forces officer cadre etc); these favour the colour of your skin, the mother-tongue, ancestory, class and other factors of less favour, and barrier, towards multiculturalism.


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