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After my lecture yesterday, at home my 10 years old daughter was asking what is the difference between the British Political Parties? My response, was the usual general popular view, she left me with more than a simple question and a thought. I went to be bed thinking about it, and the hundreds of private and public conversations and debates I have had on the nature of the British Politics, some of these can be observed within this site. However, what I came up with, is the product of years of philosophical and political thinking that I have had in private, though I gave up politics along time ago, my eureka-idea last night seemed to have opened for myself that little crack, perhaps, for new venture into the ‘corrupt and despicable professional’, as my father, correctly, refers to; it is this family opinion towards politics that saw myself turning down two major chance to stand for the public offices, and to even become a future star.

So, what was this eureka-idea?

This is a radical restructuring of the old British society and politics. It is a complete breakdown and a divorce from the old system. It is so radical that it chance to be the perfect model of democracy is, I expect, and as one anarchist (Young Miss Emma) once noted, ”If democracy should really start to work, sooner than later, those in power, will outlaw and discredit the system, as a new tyranny”. I will to your judgement of my model (Copyrighted, as all these articles here).

Now, Lets begin to uncover the ‘New Manifesto for an Independent Federal Republic of England”

1. The Model seeks a complete 98% de-centralisation of the central government.
2. The complete independence of Scotland, Wales and England.
3. The end of Monarchism in Britain and the move towards Federal Republic.
4. The Federal Republic will devolve its powers to the counties, as real and distinct governing bodies of their local constituents, with full governing power, from raising armies, policing, security, taxes, education, health etc

4. a. Each county will create and stay distinct, a model of its own, no two counties to be mirror-image.
4. b. Each county will be responsible for the economic development and regulation of its own commercial sector, and within these
4 .c. complete ban on the monopolisation of commercial interests, from media, banking and finances, transport, retail and so forth.
4. d. That each county is to ban merger and acquisitions, within and without the borders, in order to stop monopolies and centralisation of power and influence.
4. e. Each county will abolish councils and councillor system and rather implement two-tiers governing system at local government levels, a legislative made up of what is now ‘town halls’ and ‘county halls’; former, will be local ward representatives meeting at town hall as local ‘MPs’, and the latter, will be ”senators”, to discuss an scrutinise policies and other legal issues.
4. f. there will be also an executive in the form of a governor, elected independently, and assisted by the two-tier legislatures described above. this office of governor will be responsible in nominating and approved by local committee a representative to the federal government, not in London, but in the North; this is the conscious attempt of scattering the centralisation of power in government and London.
4. g. These representatives will discuss policies and seek to implement and inform on the federal government direction in foreign, defence and other policies, etc.

Here, there is a long list and ideas, however, so far we touch upon the few, and I will discuss in details others in time as I build these through my lectures and other platforms of communications.

5. The federal government, directly elected, and will be non-party political, as party-politics will be consciously weakened, so the interests of the nation, the counties, the public and not the parties and individual politicians are at the heart and core of the matter and policies; e.g. we can not declare or go to war without unanimous votes from all counties, whom not only have the final authority but also control the purse.
6. At central government, all security services, will be devolved, and a complete dismantle of Intelligence services, inside and outside, that MI5/MI6, GHCQ etc, will be implemented. these will be carried out by local policing services with closer scrutiny and openness to the public.
7. there will be a ban for ‘national’ press, and encouraged will be local presses, differing in ownership throughout each county.
8. BBC will be dismantled and its assets sold off to private clients, and for example, BBC Bristol sold to local businessperson for local news use.
9. Murdoch-Empire will be forced to be either sold or nationalised and sold by the local government.
10. Elections will be mandatory participation, and referendums will be extensive.
11. The federal government will be made up of county commissions on per with the EU systems, supported by not-for-life-position local beauracracy.

and so forth.

I will continue the discuss in the latter time, but this is the main contention of the argument and the model for a new ‘pure’ democracy in England, with ‘EU-Style’ union council of the British States (made up of Scots, Welsh, English, Irish etc).


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