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There has been a lot of discussion and debates to the significance of the new social media sector in the marketplace. Most of these discussion create their argument base on the ‘desired hypothetical reasoning’, rather than ‘objective reasoning’.

The social media, is not, as the popular myth seems to imply, a commodity. It is a fluctuating and unstable past-time activity on per to non-virtual hobbies. Of course, as we all know, even some of the non-virtual hobbies, have been turned into profit-making services and products, from adventure activities to swimming, gym and so forth. But these, unlike their counterparts, the virtual hobbies of social media, have in exchange, benefits (the essence of successful marketing of products and services); that, gym, body issues, fitness, health et cetera; swimming, likewise, and so forth. What are the benefits of social media? .

It is this lack of benefits, and the ‘natural’ character of these web 2.0+ activities, that will never register their utility as a commodity in the minds of us, the users. Hence, we see, the short lifespan of most of these, myspace, beebo, or something, and even youtube is slowly losing its popularism, and so too in few months down the line we will see first, MY Opinion, the ‘mighty’ facebook disappearing into the shadows of virtual world, and TWITTER, at the forefront of debates at the present of its future, will, in my opinion survive for a little bit longer, until a new services, and better come up, that relay instant ‘news update’; this, ‘headline update’ and ‘insider gossip’ is the forefront of twitter strength.


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