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British public have never been enthusiast about political participation, and these is attributable to a number of factor, we will be discussing in lesser details at the present.

First, there is the general feeling that politics and politicians are a class of their own, a society on per with a Marxist character, that, whatever we strive to convince ourselves of their ‘national and public’ interest, it is never a reality, but rather, it is a party politics and interests at the forefront. Ergo, we become extremely apathetic to the involvement of seemingly party competition and interests. In the US, the politicians have, that have to work for their vote, striding the line between party politics and the more powerful public interests, their constituencies, it is the latter which has more force in their political careers. This is not the character of the British Politics, and the media and political represented ”mass ignorants and uneducated” are actually really rational and highly analytical in understanding the dynamics of the British party politics, as such, in accordance to the rational choice theorists, they view their participation as almost a waste of time and energy.

Secondly, those who are ‘political’, are influenced largely by their background and familial associations with particular parties. This approach to understanding of the British public and politics of social theorists is powerful and a major force in defining the outcome of the elections. However, this should not be taken as permanent condition, as most of these, and part making up of the registered voters, are highly volatile and prone to political environment; i.e. they can change allegiances when they are able to find a ‘new voice’ that appeal to them. this new-voice is absent in the British Politics, was before the Labour Party, but now they are looking for ”The Independents”, a whole new class of independent non-party candidates, this is the coming force against the larger traditional party politicians.

In short, the British public is apathetic, not as a result of own choice, but as the result of existing political structure, culture, processes and systems; from electoral defunct system, to un-constituent strong representation, and the British party politics society. However, changes are creeping in, and favouring the non-party politics against the party-politics, this will be interesting development for the British politics.


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