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Why I am a supporter of the extensive defence cuts?

This article explore why the contemporary defence cuts not only are sound measures but that they fall short of actual real commitment for full application of the policy; extensive cuts throughout the board.

Fred Digby, I hope I got the name right, former Business Minister within the Brown’s Administration, recently wrote a book, a sort of a new Britain Manifesto in the age of austerity. and within he makes one critical point that the RAF should be completely disbanded, absolutely correct he was, I would say so. RAF is useless in the modern age of un-piloted crafts and drones, that are playing greater role in the modern battlespace, and hence, replacing the role previously cherished and carried out with brilliance by the RAF. No longer, does the modern warfare needs a fighting-airforce regiment, as these can be vertically and horizontally integrated into the existing naval and army branches. The existence of Air arm as a distinct armed forces branch as always been less supported and of any real use, as these weapon systems and their doctrinal use can be easily integrated into the already existing critical arms of navy and land forces.

Most of the contemporary air activities are carried under the command and control of mostly, that seventy per cent the Army, and the twenty the navy, and only ten percent the Air forces, with most of the latter sorties, are made up of un-piloted cheap drones that can be operated by a private security company, or even a mandarin in the whitehall.

The Air force, RAF, needs to be completely disbanded and its assets integrated into the existing senior branches of navy and army. The special forces need to be used and employed within the traditional doctrine not the Rumsfeldian over-use and reliance of their role, and the infantry should be trained to be able to exist and support these special elements in any battlefields. the pay of the Ruperts,, the officer class should be restrained, and new culture of innovative forces should be encouraged away from the Wellingtonian Regimental system that still persist to this day.

with the RAF out of the picture, and new strategic plans for the expansion of the navy, and restructure and re-culture of the army, Britain could, and can, again be a great power nation, with secured borders in this chaotic world of today and tomorrow.


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