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We have been condemning the Libyan regime in the use of the African Mercenaries throughout the Libyan Crisis, and now, we, ourselves, are ”thinking” of employing private security firms, that our own mercenaries, to operate in Libya?????

Not only is this hypocritical approach unsound policy, it is also, very harmful of our moral representation to the Libyan public and the world at large. We will be losing already small support we retain in the intervention in Libyan affairs.

I will not go into details here other than to say out loud, that the policy is unwise and useless; that, in the end these hired mercenaries will not be able to turn the tide against the regime in favour of the rebels, the rebels are non-existent and incompetent in military spectrum, let us not waste our resources, time and energy, supporting something that is, never to be, simple. they do not poses the enthusiasm of a fighting force, a disciplined fighting force, and with no strategic capbilities to winning the struggle within. I will continue to state my position that in the end, of ends, Gaddaffi will still be there, in one form or another, we need to start opening dialogue towards a peaceful ceasefire and an end of aggressions, not driven by emotional irrationalities of belligerence.


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