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Recently, there has been echoes of outcries and shouts, wherever one goes, one can not escape the deafening sounds of NHS ”days of the long knives”.

However, much of what has been discussed, and I myself one of those passionate to preserving our great national institution (not an envy of anyone) caught on this, just to lose touch of the something perhaps unexpected, non-calculated, unforeseen and out of the minds completely off us all, the flipping coin. The flipped coin sometimes is unpredictable even to the most keen master practitioner. What is my point? Have anyone out there visited Africa more recently, No, okay, I have and the point is the western pharmaceutical firms are getting a beating and are in almost complete retreat from the local market, as the far-eastern new players are taking over with same drugs, same results, but cost less.

The great privatisation of NHS might just create the same unexpected effect with disastrous results for the western pharmaceutical firms with almost complete privilege of access and dominance of the market/NHS supply, with government prerogatives. with an open competition, who is to say that the far-eastern states and firms of cheap drugs and medical products can never again find the barriers to entry a concern and an issue. I read once an MRI machine supplied by GE cost 200 times more than one supplied by an Indian firm (wow!).

For me, the Economist puts it to the point;

”…just as the appearance of cheap well-engineered Japanese cars disrupted western car markets, so the rise of frugal technologies could transform the market for [medicine’]’

However, at the same time, there appears to be a manoeuvre by the government and these firms to plug this unwanted effect via the removal of the powers and responsibilities of the independent NICE, to be transferred into the hands of the, guess who, the major suppliers, the western big pharmaceutical firms; from drug-pricing, to drug-approval and literary, medical industry ‘watchdog’ against the very dangerous outside forces. Constant Gardener in Real Life.


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