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In this article I argue that as the result of the rising young leaders at the helm of strategic leadership, that top government positions and roles, the western states are finding themselves without leadership, and this will prove fatal if, and when, these countries are to face any major events of catastrophic national or global nature.

We have to be real and fall back to promoting the image of wiser elders as our natural statepersons, rather than promoting through media driven obsession the cult of young and ‘radical’ new politicians, without any real tangible experience of national and worse global nature.

With recent events in the Middle East, events of lesser catastrophic nature or impact, we have seen how these new young non-experienced individuals are incapable of maintaining posture and approaching, or managing events abroad and at home with the usual diplomatic finesse equated to the office they hold.

I believe, it is time to promote the old grumpy men/women, back to helm of our political parties leadership, and hence, government when successful at the elections.


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