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We were discussing recently, myself with few others self-proclaimed economic-philosophers, don’t ask, anyway, the focus of the discussion was the future of the Euro, after the austerity age. After hours of arguments and counter-arguments, coffee after coffee, I banged the table and stated, ”I truly believe the Euro could have not asked for a much better opportunity for it’s future prospect of strength and power”. I was asked to elaborate. I started with a little bit of historical journey and then I came to my point, that the recent economic troubles experienced throughout the world but most so in Europe, was a blessing in disguise.

That as the Euro goes around bailing and supporting other economies throughout the continent and beyond, it is building it’s strategic positioning within the global and local/European Market and Financial World. It is the same opportunity presented to the Dollar in the twentieth century world, as it was for the pound in the age of Industrial Revolution.

The Euro, is here to stay, and it is to dictate.

Recommendation: If I were in the centre of British Government Policy, I will really start to think hard and in depth, but acting fast, in joining rather than ‘pretending and claiming’ the fallibility or weakness of Euro. It is time we shed the pounds, and join the Euro!


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