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I have been reading in the media how the Tories policy of Big Society is harmful to the party and is vague. The first statement is incorrect, but the second, right to the point of the problem.

It is this vagueness and handling of the policy, Big Society, by the Tories, or should say those responsible for it’s implementation within the Coalition Government, that which is creating something of closer to nightmarish effect for the Conservative Party. The fact however, if, the policy, was, and still can be turned into a golden policy, handled with care and it’s character, intentions and strategic end was made absolute clearer rather than vague (political tool; vagueness), the Tory party will, is to, reap greatest electoral benefit for the next upcoming elections (which itself seems more closer than it appears).

The point, as I told a friend of mine, a Liberal Democrat, that the Tories, with clever approach in turning Blair’s Third Way local partnership policy into this new juggernaut of national level policy (big society), has really a great chance of reaping from it a Blair-popularity or even Thatchers’. He asked how has the policy then been mishandled? I replied for once, it has more ‘right-wing’ Torism attached to it from the word go, hence, the first time I heard about it, I stated, well here we go ” a new dawn of a full public sector privatisation”, Thatcher herself could never have achieved it, and these new youngsters, playing Russian-Roulette with their political careers, will never do so, as well; ergo, new challenges to NHS reforms, Education, Localism and so many to come, even the most prudent of their measures, seems not immune from external and internal challenges, such as the Defence Cuts.

So, the association of the policy to right-wing torism is one aspect of it’s weakness, another stems from this core problem, the privatisation; that giving and open the public sector to for-profit private businesses, no British citizens, of any class or breed, will never accept or swallow this; after all we are Brits, not Americans. So the solution here, unthinkable to the tories, or any other parties, as such, but one if applied will change the mood and the fortunes of the Conservative party in the modern British politics, and even the present coalition government stand in the country; they need something to boost their morale up at the present.

the proposed and recommended approach, very radical, is big society at local society level, that total empowerment of the local governments, in other words, internal local devolution.


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